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Our Mission

To strengthen families by partnering with parents to provide a classical education based on a Biblical worldview.  Our goal is to equip students to enter a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, in their purposeful and passionate service of Jesus Christ.


Classical education is a return to the proven educational methods of times past, rich in language, original texts, math, and science.  It seeks to spark and fuel the flame of curiosity innate in children.  The ultimate goal is to cultivate independent learners and critical thinkers driven by wisdom and virtue.


Our educational environment is Christ-saturated.  We are non-denominational and hold to a foundational statement of faith in which all families and faculty agree.  Great unity and joy results from this focus as we acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source of all good things.


A University-Model School® (UMS) takes the best aspects of traditional, full-time public and private schools, as well as home schools, and melds them into one model.  The immediate goal of the UMS is quality, college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious.  Students are taught on campus 2-3 days per , depending on grade level, by professional faculty. They complete the remainder of their studies in the satellite classroom/home under the supervision of a co-teacher/parent.

These distinctives create a ripe learning environment for students.

Our Philosophy
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We strive to provide a college preparatory degree of academic rigor in an engaging, rich setting.  We include a variety of student activities that promote Christ-like character.  We affirm parents’ role as the primary disciplers of their family.  Our aim is to develop independent learners and thinkers who serve the Lord all the days of their lives.

Our History
Desert Road

Founded in 2012, Veritas has earned a solid reputation for excellent academics in an encouraging atmosphere.  VCCA had its first graduating class in 2018.  Veritas was founded and exists by the grace of God for his glory.

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