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“For the Lord gives wisdom;
   from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”
~Proverbs 2:6


Veritas Classical Christian Academy is organized using the model of the trivium. "Trivium" is derived from Latin and literally means "three ways." The trivium describes the three language arts (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) that are part of the classic liberal arts. Classical schools have typically named grades pre-k to 5th as the School of Grammar, grades 6th to 8th as the School of Logic, and grades 9th to 12th as the School of Rhetoric. Each school places a unique emphasis on learning practices that for centuries have been effective at educating students in these different stages of development.

The Trivium
Our Model

​Our grade levels are divided into the three schools:

  • Grammar (K-5th) - building blocks
  • Logic (6th-9th) – critical reasoning

  • Rhetoric (10th-12th) – persuasive articulation

Our schedule is styled after university style schedules:

  • K-5th Campus 2 days/week (T/Th)

  • 6th-12th Campus 3 days/week (M/T/Th)

  • Register for individual classes based on academic readiness

  • Opportunity for concurrent enrollment of college courses during Junior and Senior years.

Our Co-Teachers

Our unique model is dependent on a partnership with the parents:

  • Classroom teachers provide direct instruction and lesson plans.

  • Parents are the Co-teachers: they actively engage and mentor their child in the satellite classroom.

  • PARENTS AND TEACHERS monitor and communicate the child’s progress.

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