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Veritas will hold its class spelling bees during the early part of October. Class spelling bees prepare the 3rd - 8th grade students for competing in the Veritas Spelling Bee that will be held on November 8th. Family and friends are invited to watch the students as they vie for the title of Top Speller for Veritas. The 1st Place Winner will advance to the Lea County Spelling Bee held in January 2023.

Mrs. Cowan's Life Science students worked on learning the stages of Mitosis (cell reproduction) using Oreo cookies, food color, and sprinkles. Who wouldn't love Science!

Mrs. Chaney's 1st & 2nd Grades students have been busy learning about ancient cultures in History like the Minoans, who were the first European civilization and lived on the island of Crete in 2200 BC. They made frescoes depicting motion and bull-leaping. They have also been reading the "Count to One Hundred" book by Barbara McGrath and used M&Ms to count to 100 by ones, tens, fives, and twos. M&Ms make math loads of fun!

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