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Admissions Policies

  1. Parents must provide VCCA with a completed application form for each child applying for admission, including academic records, health forms, and other information as specified in the application packet. Students will not be admitted without complete records.

  2. Parents and students must sign a form stating their acknowledgment of our Statement of Faith as an expression of who we are and what will be taught in the classroom
    expressing their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Families must be active members of a body of like-minded, Christian believers.


  3. Parents and students must be willing to abide by the school's rules and regulations as expressed in our handbook or by the administration and staff.

  4. Parents must be committed to providing partnership instruction in the satellite classroom on the days that the child is not attending VCCA. Parents are responsible for providing regular structure for completing home assignments, checking assignment sheets, and helping the student as needed.

  5. Parents and students must be committed to the university-model learning experience and Christian environment of VCCA. Each student must be willing to adhere to VCCA's student code of conduct, uniform dress code policy, and all other policies.

  6. Parents must be willing to use Matthew 18 principles to settle any disputes.

  7. Once accepted to VCCA, tuition is non-refundable as the school makes year-long commitments of resources to educate your students.


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